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Houston Cheap Fireworks Products

The Lowest Fireworks Prices in Houston

We have 10 fireworks locations in the Houston metro area selling a wide variety of Fireworks products. Check out our online catolog for pricing and availability.  Products are only availble at our stores.  

Texas SwordTexas SwordTexas Outlaw FireworksTHAADTHAADWinco FireworksThe God FatherThe God FatherBlack Cat FireworksThe Judge Artillery 24 ShotThe Judge Artillery 24 ShotTexas Outlaw FireworksThe OneThe OneRed Rhino FireworksThe Patriot 6 Inch CanisterThe Patriot 6 Inch CanisterBlack Cat FireworksTop GunTop GunRed Rhino FireworksTorpedo Cracker SnapsTorpedo Cracker SnapsBlack Cat FireworksTrigger PullTrigger PullRed Rhino FireworksTriple Threat 12 ShotTriple Threat 12 ShotRed Rhino FireworksUFO ApocalypseUFO ApocalypseFox FireworksUndertaker ArtilleryUndertaker ArtilleryTexas Outlaw FireworksUrban JediUrban JediTexas Outlaw FireworksUSA RocksUSA RocksRed Rhino FireworksUSA SmokeUSA SmokeWinda FireworksUSA USAUSA USAHog Wild FireworksVenom ArtilleryVenom ArtilleryHog Wild FireworksVooDoo RainVooDoo RainBlack Cat FireworksWar GameWar GamePowder Keg FireworksWarriors RealmWarriors RealmTexas Outlaw Fireworks
Houston Cheap Fireworks The Lowest Fireworks Prices in Houston Houston Cheap Fireworks 16020 East Freeway
Channelview, TX 77530
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We are open from

June 24, 2023 - July 4, 2023

for the Texas 4th of July

Fireworks Season


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