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The Lowest Fireworks Prices in Houston


100 Shot Saturn Missiles100 Shot Saturn MissilesRed Rhino FireworksREG$12.99$7.994 Ever America 6 Shot4 Ever America 6 ShotRed Rhino FireworksREG$69.99$49.9940 Inch Parachute40 Inch ParachuteRed Rhino FireworksREG$4.99$2.99Air PowerAir PowerRed Rhino FireworksREG$199.99$139.99American CannonballsAmerican CannonballsRed Rhino FireworksREG$15.98$9.99American Glory 58 ShotAmerican Glory 58 ShotRed Rhino FireworksREG$99.99$59.99American Heart 24 ShotAmerican Heart 24 ShotRed Rhino FireworksREG$79.99$59.99American MadeAmerican MadeRed Rhino FireworksREG$59.99$39.99American Pyro AssortmentAmerican Pyro AssortmentRed Rhino FireworksREG$59.99$44.99Assorted SnakesAssorted SnakesRed Rhino FireworksREG$3.99$1.99Atomizer 9 ShotAtomizer 9 ShotRed Rhino FireworksREG$189.99$139.99B-3 BomberB-3 BomberRed Rhino FireworksREG$4.99$1.99Baby Shot 10 Ball Roman CandleBaby Shot 10 Ball Roman CandleRed Rhino FireworksSALE$2.99$2.99Batter UpBatter UpRed Rhino FireworksREG$89.99$59.99Blue SmokeBlue SmokeRed Rhino FireworksREG$2.99$1.99Cat FightCat FightRed Rhino FireworksREG$6.99$4.99Chaser Large with 2 reports 12 PackChaser Large with 2 reports 12 PackRed Rhino FireworksREG$3.99$1.99Christmas LightsChristmas LightsRed Rhino FireworksREG$79.99$59.99Color Pearl 96 ShotColor Pearl 96 ShotRed Rhino FireworksREG$8.99$4.99Colorful SkiesColorful SkiesRed Rhino FireworksREG$21.99$16.99
Houston Cheap Fireworks The Lowest Fireworks Prices in Houston Houston Cheap Fireworks 16020 East Freeway
Channelview, TX 77530
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We are open from

June 24, 2022 - July 4, 2022

for the Texas 4th of July

Fireworks Season


Phone 281-860-0901

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